The juggle between these is obligatory.

And if "work-life balance" sounds like a pipe dream to you, it's because it is a pipe dream. 


It's like the teeter-toter: your work on one end & your personal life on the other. When you give your attention to one side, the other gets pulled down. 

This inverse relationship of 'balance' is not balance at all. To find the feeling of balance, you must ditch the teeter-toter and put work & life on the same playing field.

There is a way for these to co-exist.

By integrating.

Getting to have both work AND life at the same time. 

Busy does not equal success.

Getting your ideas out into the world and feeling creatively fueled is success. 

Now, you are here with ideas in your mind without a clear way of bringing them into the world...


How do you get your prolific, brilliant ideas into actuality?


Employ the full extent of the brainstorming process...

Add in the success criteria needed in its execution...

And have the systems to support its growth...

This program takes WHO you are and conveys it to the world through:

-productivity foundations

-brand storytelling + distribution

-technical systems set-up

-effective sales + marketing tactics

You will have an executed idea implemented in the world.

You will know how to structure your business to be profitable and position yourself as an expert in your field.

You feel capable in  healthy boundaries that support the growth of your business AND  yourself...without overload and anxiety.

Business is the integration of the intellect and the get to be creative AND successful.

Mackenzie Sweeney, Founder


... you were able to ditch anxiety and overwhelm, and didn’t have to be one of those individuals who “grinds” or “hustles” to the point of exhaustion.

… you could easily innovate, create, and effortlessly implement your brilliant ideas (yea, they make it past the ‘goal’ stage!).

… you were able to uproot limiting beliefs and operate your life and business from a place of leadership, abundance, and creativity.

… you had the right systems + process to support your work-life balance so you could go on vacation, turn off your phone, or actually take a day off.

AND... were able to stop procrastinating because you know exactly when during the day your brain is optimized to do strategic problem solving, creative work, and communication.

…you achieved balance with your work-life and life-life without compromising your personal relationships or your profitability had expert mentorship and on-demand guidance for when you feel fear in your business - and you never had to feel alone, overwhelmed, or nervous ever again.

...without sacrificing how much money you make, the business growth you desire, or your creative genius?

Want to make this your reality?

The PRODUCTIVITY ACCELERATOR is the roadmap to achieve all this and more... 


Build The Foundations

Before you get into all the fancy stuff, get obsessed with the foundations.


Learn how to maximize your time inside Productivity Accelerator and see results faster. Here, we break down the entire process of what it takes to build, cultivate, and maintain a healthy work-life ‘integration’.


Understand what it takes to be successful, set the right goals, and gain clarity on what WHY you’re working to achieve balance. 


Programming Your Mind For Success

We uncover the root causes of your procrastination, self-sabotage, perfectionism, and other behavioral patterns that prevent you from following through your goals. 

This is a scientific methodology paired with yoga + mindfulness studies that will teach you how to rewire your brain to create optimal output and balance in your work and life.

Essential Productivity Blueprint

This is the WHEN, HOW, WHY of productivity.


We break down the levels of productivity so you can implement the right time-management skills. Identify your PEAK // FLOW times of your brain, knowing exactly when it is best for you to do deep work, communication, and content creation.

Implement a customized + optimized daily schedule to create the optimal work-life ‘integration’. Lastly, we reveal how-to eliminate brain fog and create a system to get-shit-done.




Get a glimpse inside the curriculum that leads you out of overwhelm  and into mastery of time & energy.

Innovation Formula 

We’ll dive into the science of innovation so you can capitalize on your ideas, goals, and creativity.


This proven Formula allows your to work smarter - not harder - on content creation and deep work allowing you to spend more “me” time with the people and places you love.

You will overcome Creator's Remorse by practicing prolific creation.

Here you develop heart-centric content to connect with the emotional journey of your ideal client and learn how to position yourself as THE expert in your field.

Decision Mastery

Decision making drives work-life balance, business growth, and creative implementation.

You’ll learn the ins + outs of empowered decision making so as your business grows, your life isn’t something you have to sacrifice.


In this step, you learn to communicate with the conscious and subconscious mind in order to make those empowered decisions to ensure high quality work with no time wasted.

Establishing Continued Influence

Want to make sure you are operating at a new level consistently AND see it in your relationships + business?


Welcome to the continued integration phase. Establish key connection and leadership skills so you can boost your influence in your business, field, and profession.


Finally, we showcase what you need to set yourself up for continued success in your life & business in order to live your ideal work-life balance and energetic alignment.




You scrolled alllll the way down to the bottom of the page...

I know you're wondering who put this whole thing're lookin' at her! 

I'm Mackenzie, and I founded Productivity Accelerator because I know how it feels to be an overwhelmed creator.


I was a struggling creative in business with no work boundaries, no balance, no accountability, and no growth.

And let me tell you, everything else in my life suffered.

Not sure if I could be both creative AND successful...

Worried I couldn't make an income AND have a life...

Overwhelmed with how to 'do it all' without getting exhausted...

I was an expert in my subject matter, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: you can have all the knowledge & experience in the world… but unless you know how to MASTER YOUR TIME & ENERGY, it’s not possible to make the impact, make the income, or have the relationships you desire.

So, I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about productivity & energy management in an effort to be CREATIVE and SUCCESSFUL myself...

In my search to master this, I was able to build my life and business to where I work 4-6 hours a day, make the money + consistently bring more in, AND have work + energy boundaries so I am no longer exhausted at the end of the day... And others started asking how they could replicate the same results in THEIR lives too.

I replicated and taught this process of overwhelm to integration (balance) over and over, increasing clients' productivity and energy management so not only did their work-life integration improve...but their businesses grew to 6-figures + 7-figures in a matter of months.

But there was a common issue all of my clients faced:

Workaholics have a lack of soul care, productivity, and self-reflection...which equals stuck, stagnant, and overwhelmed.

They have ZERO 'work-life' balance.

So, I put together a comprehensive program of my signature methodology that has allowed me to master my time & energy -- to have a business that integrates with my life so as my business scales, my "life" and wellbeing aren't compromised. 

That is how "Productivity Accelerator" was born!