MackMotion is a consulting firm that works one-on-one with clients to take ideas to execution.


By holding a space for individuals and businesses with INTENTION, MINDFULNESS, and INTEGRITY, we are able to turn the intangible to tangible with a suite of services that include:

  • Idea Engineering

  • Process Optimization

  • Mind Mapping

  • Content Creation

  • Customer Journey Optimization

  • Marketing Coaching

  • Project Management

  • Automation Building

  • Infrastructure Development

  • Seminars & Workshops

MackMotion has optimized clients & their business processes in a variety of industries including:

  • Coaching/Consulting

  • Dental/Medical

  • Restaurant

  • Real Estate

  • Mortgage

  • Event Planning

  • Entrepreneurship & Start-Up

  • Virtual Assisting 

  • Service Based Industries

  • Personal

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.

Sun Tzu

idea engineering

How do you get your prolific, brilliant ideas into actuality?


The full extent of the brainstorming process starting with generating the idea through the post-production.

Engineering an idea is developing the success criteria for an idea in order to create a plan of execution. 

Understand how to build a Value-Proposition to support and scale your business.


Learn the how-to of being truly effective.

Implement an optimized schedule for your team thru identifying peak times for strategic problem solving, creative thinking, and communication using the Ideal Day Formula.


Learn how to set and fulfill your vision, eliminate brain fog, and optimize the 'people' aspect of your business.

Process Optimization

Just because you've been doing it one way does not mean it is the 'right' or most effective way of completing a process. 


This key point breaks down and builds up process within your internal and external operations.


Identifying weak points and opportunities for automation, Process Optimization ensures your business utilizes infrastructure to enhance the human-to-human interaction between you and your customers.





Get a glimpse inside the consulting techniques that leads you through innovation to an implemented, profitable business.

Productivity Coaching

To be 'productive' = capacity to create large amounts of work.

To be 'efficient' = ability to produce quickly

To be 'effective' = ability to produce the RIGHT things.

Productivity coaching is the journey to go from simply "being productive" to being effective.

Expert training to optimize your mind and your team for effective and optimal output.


Ideas that are great plans still aren't money makers.

This is the oversight and technical project management to ensure the execution plan over 90 days.

Because yes, integration takes time if you want it to last.

 Implement the tech systems for success and healthy customer journey to ensure your business with consistency and confidence.

Marketing Coaching

Marketing is 'ME'.

MackMotion has developed email sequences, chat bots, and lead generation campaigns with 70%+ open rate.

With templated processes learned from the top in the industry, Marketing Coaching is the training of how these tools apply in your business. Generate lead magnets, sales funnels, email campaigns, and more.




ah, you're "optimizing" by scrolling alll the way down to the bottom of the page.

I'm Mackenzie. I founded MackMotion Idea & Creative Consulting for one simple reason: I know how you feel.

Not sure if you can be both creative AND successful...

Worried you can make an income doing what you LOVE...

Overwhelmed with how to 'do it all' and still have a life...

I moved into entrepreneurship and became a subject matter expert in building business infrastructure (code word for: the systems + processes needed to actually RUN your business) and was able to translate others' ideas into actuality.

I repeated this process of idea to execution over and over, building several client businesses to 6-figures in a matter of months.


I am a versatile and profound thinker who understands any audience I am around. I have been graced with the gift of understanding big pictures ideas and discerning what details are needed.


Simply put: your ideas, DONE.

I hold a space for people with INTENTION, MINDFULNESS, and INTEGRITY.

I have the ability to get people from where they're at in their minds into the reality of that vision in this world.

I can follow a complex thought process easily.

I can hear something once and remember it verbatim.

It’s a creative approach to critical thinking, much like a kindergartener who does not color in the lines. I’m well aware of the lines, but don’t let them constrain me.

Work with me if you want your ideas into reality. 

Let's create together.

First step is to click the button below, let's get on a call.

Talk to you soon.